About us

IDEA. The idea of ​​establishing a factory was to ensure the competitiveness of mushroom growers during market fluctuations and expand export opportunities. Their preservation and processing by using modern technology ensure selling of the production and the longer shelf life allows exports to more remote foreign markets.

INVESTMENT PROJECT. The Cooperative Company GRYBAI LT is implementing the investment project “Establishment and Development of a Mushroom Processing Company” under the first activity “Processing and Marketing of Agricultural Products” under the measure “Processing and Adding Value of Agricultural Products” of the Lithuanian Rural Development Programme 2007-2013.

FACTORY. The most modern preservation factory in the Baltic States with fully automated production processes. Starting with mushrooms, the production of the factory expanded to other categories, such as pickled vegetables and ready to eat soups. Unique food preparation and packaging technologies are used for the production.

There are two main production lines:

Processing line that is fully automated and has a minimum risk of microbiological contamination;

Packaging line that is in an innovative, environmentally-friendly and lightweight plastic packaging.

The production facilities have an innovative laboratory for checking and controlling the quality of raw materials, technological process and production.